relaxing alone

CreateForAll is an art/design app with which anyone can draw, colour, make digital montages and create beautiful repeat patterns. Files can be sent direct to printers to be turned into fashion and household fabrics, wallpapers and gift-wraps, greeting cards and ceramic tiles, opening up a new world of possibilities for creating greater personal expression in our everyday lives and surroundings.

working together

By forming 'creative bubbles', users can work collaboratively with the app. Files are stored in layers, and these can be exchanged via the server, enabling work to be shared amoung diverse participants and locations. This allows, for example, an animated story to have a dispersed authorship, or for improvements to be suggested by a tutor.

draw/colour motifs

CreateForAll works by combining motifs into montages (pictures) or patterns. Motifs may be drawn on screen (left); on paper, and then imported using the device's camera (centre); or by using a template we supply in thematic sets (right). The line drawings are filled with 'digital paints' captured from natural materials.

montage motifs

The Montage mode is ideal for combining motifs to create greeting cards or pictures. The rich, variegated colours of the 'digital paints' mean that most people are surprised by the quality they achieve!

create repeat patterns

Creating repeat patterns couldn’t be simpler: arrange a selection of motifs in the block-repeat square and click to see the result. Add a flat background colour to suit your application. Scroll down through the 'seasonal collection' below, made with our templates and 'paints', to see what is possible...

create animations

The easy-to-use animation tools enable characters to be moved freely around the screen. Backgrounds can be created as montages, captured via the device's camera, or imported from a range in the app. Weather can also be simulated. The wildflower meadow and coral reef (playing below) were both made with children’s drawings.